Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Can't Stop the World' by the Textones

I've been rocking out lately to the eponymous 1996 debut album by The Delphines, one of Kathy Valentine's post-Go-Go's projects. (Download HERE.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any good videos from it -- the clip for "I Want You the Way I Want You" doesn't sound right, and I don't see anything for the stellar "Crazy" or "Down Underground" -- so instead I'm posting stuff from one of Kathy's pre-Go-Go's band, the Textones. "Can't Stop the World," as Go-Go's fans know, was Kathy's sole contribution to "Beauty and the Beat." But by the sophomore release, her "Vacation" was the title tune, and "We Don't Get Along" was one of the standout album tracks. She also cowrote "The Way You Dance" and "Worlds Away," and then the hit "Head Over Heels" on "Talk Show," firmly staking her claim as the George Harrison of the group to Jane Wiedlin and Charlotte Caffey's Lennon and McCartney.

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Anonymous said...

always liked kathy and gina best - the other ones just seemed filled with drama. kathy's 2000-ish solo album isn't bad, either. i think clem burke plays on it and actually, kathy sounds a lot like debbie harry on many of the tracks.