Thursday, March 28, 2013

Reporter Plotted to Murder His Childhood Rapist

'It felt like the right thing to do': How reporter meticulously planned to kill the man who brutally raped him when he was 7  

Journalist David Holthouse was 7 when his 17-year-old high school football-player neighbor raped him in the basement of his house. He wasn't even sure what had happened to him until many, many years later, then decided to murder his attacker when they crossed paths as adults, a plan that was foiled when Holthouse's mother discovered his childhood diary and he feared the motive would be too obvious:
He first shared the story about his desire for revenge in a 2004 article for the Denver Westword, and it was featured on This American Life. The story is now being turned into a play in New York. Holthouse, who is now married with a son, said he would encourage any other rape victims to enact their revenge. 'Not only do you have the right,' he said, but arguably, you have the obligation to exact some form of revenge on the person who sexually assaulted you when you were a kid. 'You have that same special, critical knowledge that I had. You know, beyond any doubt, the identity of a kiddie rapist.'  Read HERE.
Horrifying and fascinating story. And even though he ended up confronting the man and recieved an apology that he seemed to believe -- the guy said it was a one-off event and that he had felt horrible about it ever since -- I kind of admire his enduring vengeful attitude. I've always felt that if I or someone I cared about were the victim of a violent crime, I could (and probably would) seek deadly revenge -- and that I would not lose a minute's sleep over it. Perhaps when push came to shove, he realized this was not the case. I hope I never have to find out.


Anonymous said...

I am stunned! Just simply stunned. Why he would let his rapist get away with it, by not filing criminal charges, is beyond me. Because he is probably out there doing the same thing to other children.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I'll bet the statute of limitations had run out, but I too was surprised by his "take his word for it" attitude in the end.