Monday, March 25, 2013

Passion for the Christ

Not sure what's worse, that put together a list of the hottest men who have ever played Jesus Christ == "Lord Have Mercy: Let's Worship the 25 Sexiest Saviors," inspired by everyone's desire to get on their knees in front of Diogo Morgado's Jesus in the History Channel's blockbuster miniseries "The Bible" -- or that I would single out the three I find hottest and even throw in a J.C. for C.S. ...

"Mary, Mother of Jesus," 1999

"Jesus Christ Superstar," 1973

"The Gospel According to St. Matthew," 1964

"Godspell," 1973

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Daniel said...

If what the folks at doesn't get one sent to hell, this might...

I find it wonderfully erotic, artistic, and a bit sinful. What do you think?