Thursday, February 28, 2013

Op-ed: Seth MacFarlane Isn't the Problem

Finally, someone smart enough to get it. (YES, I said smart enough.) Victoria Brownwoth writes that the host wasn't being a chauvinist on Oscar night. He was calling out Hollywood's long-ingrained chauvinism. Bravo, Victoria. Read HERE.


Anonymous said...

I will concede this: He was not worse than James Franco. It’s quite possible no one could be.

And if you liked him, great. I’m glad you were entertained.

What I liked about the idea of him hosting was that he was a wild card and there was the possibility that the show could be crazy unpredictable epic fun. So I was rooting for him. By the end of the monologue those hopes were dashed.

Tina Fey & Amy Poehler managed to be biting yet respectful enough to pull it off at the Golden Globes before essentially the same audience.

I give him credit for having the balls to go out there, although low self esteem has never seemed to be one of his problems.

Bob said...

Utter crap. Seth MacFarlane peddles in gutter humor. His Oscar stint was nothing but the same. To suggest he has the brains to use a song about boobies in the movies to make a statement about sexism in Hollywood is laughably absurd. The man doesn't have the brain or the talent to do so.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous. Seth wasn't worse than James Franco - but I just didn't find him very funny. And I also loved Amy and Tina on the Golden Globes.

Butch said...

We found his "humor" so offensive that we quit watching.

swine said...

Congrats Kenny, u found the one other gay person who found Seth's Oscars hilarious. She thought it was the best Oscars ever. Er, still in agreement there?

Ur luv for Seth has me very suspect. U sure ur gay, Kenny? The ode to cute psychos & morning wood is just a lure somehow for gay $'s, right? Do u also luv Howard Stern, boobs, Buds & maybe wanna lick a puss too?

Anonymous said...

Not utter crap, the only reasoned comment on SM's Oscars I have read. The writers in Salon said that Saw Your Boobs endorsed sexual assault; that's reactionary nonsense.
A lot of his jokes weren't funny, so what-- you can say the same of Whoopi and Billy.
Should Oscar have picked Jimmy Fallon instead? Yes. Is MacFarlane's performance the end of the world? If you read Salon, apparently so. When did we all turn into uptight old ladies?