Thursday, February 07, 2013

Death Becomes Her

A beautiful young fashionista who designed "friendship bracelets" jumped to her death last night from the George Washington Bridge, leaving behind a Louis Vuitton handbag containing a "suicide diary" containing a list of five "gossip" girls she blamed for her despair. The diary specifically stated that these young female friends not be invited to her funeral, although a man who treated her poorly was welcome -- because she hopes he “gets what he deserves” when he gets there. Sad case -- and the same place Tyler Clementi killed himself in 2010. Read HERE.

Her best friend responded by writing: Those who incessantly blame others as the cause of their issues should perhaps take a step back and reevaluate these situations. The common thread may be that “they” aren’t the problem, but rather that YOU are.

Gee, and it sounds like she had so much to live for.

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Frank Anthony Polito said...

I read this earlier too. While I think it's brilliant for her to leave behind a "tell-all" journal, I feel this is just another sad case of some poor thing wanting to do something "dramatic" -- as if life isn't already dramatic enough. Why couldn't she have just written the journal, published it online, and NOT killed herself? Tragic.