Friday, January 25, 2013

'You're Gonna Get Raped Anyway'

Did anyone catch Goldie Taylor on "The Ed Show" talking about the military's lift on banning women in combat? When asked if she was concerned about the prospect of female prisoners of war being sexually abused by their captors, her answer was something like: "Well, they're being raped right and left by their fellow U.S. military colleagues and no one is doing anything about it, so what difference does it make?"

Great logic!


SEAN said...

I didn't see it but I have it DVR'd. Maybe she was being sarcastic?

Sassifras said...

I don't think she meant that in the way you're interpreting it. Her point was that threat of rape in the military is pervasive and that this is a significant problem, but shouldn't be an excuse used by conservatives to keep women from serving in all areas of the armed forces. She wasn't excusing rape (which is how I read your comment), but could have chosen better words.

Upton King said...

It is a sad that our military does not value women more, enough to pursue and prosecute those who feel they are fair game. I can't believe she said that, but good for her. This is an issue that gets media attention, but nothing ever changes. The military remains one of the last of the good old boys clubs. She's courageous.

Anonymous said...

Goldie Taylor is one of the worst MSNBC contributors. Whether she's on The Ed Show, or Up with Chris Hayes, or Real Time with Bill Maher, she is sensationalist and never really says anything of substance. I stopped listening to her long ago.

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