Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Song of the Day: 'Your Daddy Don't Know' by Toronto

   I always thought I was the only one who remembered "Your Daddy Don't Know," Toronto's impossibly catchy 1982 single that got fairly heavy rotation on MTV. The band was kind of an up-north Heart -- lead singer Holly Wood (right) was sort of a white-trash Adrienne Barbeau, while guitarist Sheron Alton was the prettier "sister." Well it turns out fellow Canadians New Pornographers were fans too, and even recorded a very true-to-the-original cover of it for the soundtrack to "FUBAR: The Movie." Can't believe I'm just now learning this -- CS: if you've got this, hook me up! -- but you can enjoy 'em both here:

And to Anonymous: You were so right about my honorary Canadian citizenship!


Christopher said...

Done and not done!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could christen one part of your blog kennethinthe416? (Toronto area code)