Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning the Hard Way (Huh-Huh. I Said 'Hard')

Those who follow me on Facebook or Twitter know that I dropped my laptop the other day, knocking Windows out of commission. The Geek Squad is now attempting to retrieve my data -- I bought a 1 terabyte external hard drive a year ago but never bothered to transfer anything onto it -- and assess the damage.Whatever the outcome, let it suffice to say I will have a hard time looking whoever handled my "case" in the eye.


dishy said...

Still not fixed?

Anonymous said...

Doubtful they'll really even think about the browser history. But try using one of those log-in-to-my-computer-while-on-the-phone with tech support programs as the scrolling images of naked men roll by... and they can see and comment on every one. Who says I don't know how to get a date? ;)

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