Thursday, January 17, 2013

For Pete's Sake

 Oy vey, this is just nuts. Forget about his wife and child witnessing the whole thing. What kind of monster attacks gay men at a Barbra Streisand movie? Read about Walt Jamison, 23, his partner and two of their friends' ordeal at a screening of "The Guilt Trip" in Lafayette, La., HERE.
This comment from a local newspaper tells us everything we need to know about the perp:
Brittany Boudreaux: This guy actually used to be our neighbor... For no apparent reason this guy used to just start hollering at my dad... He actually threatened to kill my dad in front of my 3 year old godchild. This guy belongs in jail and should never get out... He is a very bad person!!

And this one offers a ray of "hope":
Raymond Johnson: Let someone hit me like that while i have a carry concealed weapons permit on me (which i do have one) He'd of been shot right in front of everyone.


SEAN said...

Closet case - what straight man would voluntarily go to that movie?

On the bright side, he'll make a nice addition to my Sexy Hot Mug Shot Gallery.

greg said...

Everything Barbra is against...thank God this didn't happen either of the times I saw The Guilt Trip. :-) CRAZY!

When I saw Beautiful Darling in Chicago, I had 3 senior citizens sitting behind me making the most vicious comments about Candy throughout most of the film. It was the first time (and probably only time) I felt justified turning around and loudly asking them to please shut up.

Kevin X said...

hmmm American Beauty ring a bell?

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