Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ambassadors of Stupidity

 I'm not saying people in my hometown are any more gullible than people anywhere else. But when you watch what happened when the Canadian government proposed building a new bridge between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario -- the ONLY one that current exists, the Ambassador Bridge, is getting very old, and shutting down commerce through this port would be economically disastrous if major repairs suddenly needed to be done -- offering to pay 100 percent of the costs and stipulating that ONLY Canadian and U.S. workers be employed for this lucrative job -- you will be dumbfounded. (Hint: The Ambassaor Bridge is solely owned by a billionaire.) It's almost like an allegory for the Republican Party.

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Bridge to Canada
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joel65913 said...

The stupid, it BURNS!!!!!!

miguy65 said...

Remember that Detroit is the city that has a giant fist in the middle of an intersection in downtown Detroit. So it doesn't take much for a crazy old billionaire to convince 40% of the state that the Canadians are trying to pull a fast one by trying to pay for a new bridge.

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