Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Village Idiots

  Michael has been complaining about "nonprofits" like New York University and the New School slowly taking over all of Greenwich Village, but I've mostly had a "Who Cares?" attitude ... until I blinked and the corner of 14th and Fifth became this glass monstrosity. I know others like Michael have been fighting this all the way to City Hall but have gotten nowhere, case in point. I suppose Manhattan will be one giant Chase Bank/nail salon/NYU building soon -- no wonder Jeremiah has so much to write about ...now it looks like IHOP is about to join that trifecta.

UPDATE: Greg points out that Fran Lebowitz agrees, yet she notes that it's very hard for New Yorkers to pay attention ... because we are too busy being in a constant rage! Watch -- this is hilarious!

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greg said...

Ken, Fran Lebowitz is on your side: