Sunday, December 23, 2012

No Way, Not Even With Cleavage

Got SQUARE PEGS on DVD for Christmas from my friend Mark! Curious to see if it's as great as I remember. Just watched the pilot and two others -- which do, although one of them ALSO perpetrated the notion that Sarah Jessica Parker isn't the grossest person ever. (The hottest senior in school -- Larry Simpson! -- sorta "likes" her ... as if!) Netflix refuses to stream this one, so you can also get yours HERE.


MJEH said...

I've had this DVD set for awhile. Soooo eighties and soooo great!!! Make sure to watch the interviews with the cast.

Ruddigore said...

I loved Square Pegs, though I always thought Amy Linker should have gone on to be a star instead of Sarah Jessica Parker. And poor Merrit "Johnny Slash" Butrick - he had a promising career but he would soon be dead from AIDS :(

I hope The Marshall Chronicles will eventually make it to DVD (from the same producer as Flying Blind).

Anonymous said...

i still love the waitresses. patty donahue r.i.p.

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