Saturday, November 24, 2012

Withdrawal Pains

Discovered that someone had been able to access my bank account, stealing $1,766 in four separate incidents in Philadelphia and Richmond, Virginia. When Citibank's fraud department asked me if my PIN was something that might have been easy to figure out, I admitted that it included my birth year -- 1967 -- but that I was so youthful-looking I assumed no one would possibly be able to guess that.


Ron in CA said...

Oh no... That's horrible!!! I hope that you are able to recover everything! On a positive note... I agree, no one should have been able to guess that 1967 was the year!! :)

My password is my husband's birth year. Since he is four years older than me, my fear is that someone will guess my PIN thinking that it's mine... I will be SO pissed if that happens!!!

Seriously... Good luck!

Steve said...

I believe you and the Big Mac are the same age...

Prospero said...

Awful. A former BF (and business partner) took me for $5 large many years ago. He's since paid it back, gotten sober and we are now better friends than we ever were. I hope they catch the SOB who ripped you off.

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