Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The (Gay) Bachelor

On Thursday, Nov. 29, the New York Gay Football League will host its Eighth Annual Bachelor Auction at Splash Bar (50 W. 17th St). Proceeds from this year’s auction will benefit the Ali Forney Center, recently devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  The Bachelor meet and greet starts at 7 p.m. -- bidding begins at 8 sharp! (Tip to the organizers: Put Carl Siciliano on the block and watch the money start flowing!)

And speaking of the Ali Forney Center, a portion of the proceeds from the Gigantic Sequins StorySlam contest -- on Sunday, Dec. 2, at the Stonewall Inn with guest judges Dan Wilbur, Frank Anthony Polito and Brian Moylan -- will benefit the LGBT homeless youth center. More details HERE.

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