Friday, November 16, 2012

Song of the Day: 'Crazytown' by Aimee Mann

Now that I don't buy every CD by my favorite acts that come out, I find myself fishing to see if others have gotten them before I take the iTunes plunge. (Thanks, YouSendIt!) I recently messaged my friend Christopher to see if he had Aimee Mann's latest, "Charmer," and got this response:
No. I like the idea of her but she's been singing one long song for 15 years.
What I think Christopher meant to say is "for 20 years," but his point was well-taken, so I replied:
You're so right ... and I LOVE that song!
The day after this exchange I found myself singing "Going Through the Motions" (from 2005's "The Forgotten Arm" as I walked across the street from my office to get lunch at Pret-a-Manger. As I took my Cobb salad to the register, Mann's "That's Just What You Are" started playing on the PA system. This would have been frighteningly coincidental if things like this didn't happen to me nearly everyday, so I paid for the salad -- and then paid for the new album when I got home. Sure, it's a continuation of the same song she's been singing for two decades. But there are always stand-out moments -- like "Slip and Roll" and "Crazytown" -- which remind us that Aimee, for all her dreariness and negativity -- will always be Tuesday's favorite child.

Download "Charmer" HERE.


Blobby said...

I tend to agree that Mann hasn't totally branched out over the last 15 years, but compared to her last album, I love 'Charmer'. "Crazytown" is good, but the gem is "Living a Lie".

Anonymous said...

i finally got that crazy town song out of my head a few days back, damn you.

Dave in Texas said...

Disappeared and Barfly are worth listening to also. But Slip and Roll would be my favorite from Charmer. Aimee was in Santa Fe last month (closest I think she has ever been to me), but I was already committed to go somewhere else!

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