Thursday, November 08, 2012

Saint Etienne Wows Fans at Webster Hall

 It was a triumphant return for British synth trio Saint Etienne in late October at Webster Hall, their first U.S. gig since 2006. With an eclectic set list that included everything from their pre-Sarah Cracknell single "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" to instant classics off the new "Words and Music by Saint Etienne" album -- I've never been to a concert where the new material was better-received than the old -- Michael and I had an incredible night. (Even met a nice reader named Jack -- the band's demographic is so Kenneth in the 212 -- 40-something gay guys!) Because of the storm, I am posting this waaaay after the fact. But for a complete review of the concert, visit Brooklyn Vegan HERE.

SETLIST: Saint Etienne @ Webster Hall, 10/26/2012 

Lose That Girl
Who Do You Think You Are
Burnt Out Car
Haunted Jukebox
When I Was Seventeen
A Good Thing
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Like a Motorway
DJ Nothing Can Stop Us

I've Got Your Music
He's On the Phone

You're in a Bad Way


Anonymous said...

I LOVVVVVE "I've Got Your Music"!

Anonymous said...

I saw them in toronto and can testify about how good they were.....but however much the crowd wanted it there was no second encore.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I just looked at my song list from the Toronto concert and see that they mixed it up a bit ....started with 'motorway' and played 'bad way' mid set.


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