Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Postcard From Phoenix

As you may have figured out by now, posts are limited this week. Michael and I are in Arizona visiting my family for Thanksgiving -- 80 and sunny, thank you very much -- and having a great time. Hope you're having a relaxing holiday week ... I will post more later if something strikes my fancy, like if we make it over for drinks at the fabulous Kon Tiki, my favorite old motel on Van Buren, which erroneously bills itself as a hotel -- assuming it hasn't been torn to the ground!


ian said...

sorry, but as you've probably already learned, the Kon Tiki is long gone.

Vegas Dave said...

So sad if it's gone. I grew up at 34th and McDowell and always loved the look of the place.

Anonymous said...

That is sad, the place looks like it would be a mecca of late 50's early 60's tiki pub kitsch. I love places like that.

BosGuy said...

Despite the bad news from Ian, have a wonderful time. I opted to get away too and am in Brazil w my other half visiting his family this week.

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