Thursday, November 08, 2012

PB Ribbon

I've never seen a single James Bond film -- soooo not my kind of movie -- but with the all the hoopla surrounding the franchise's latest release I thought I might mention that for my money, Pierce Brosnan is far by the most f**kable 007 ever. 


James Greenlee said...

I grew up with Roger Moore's Bond, with "Live and Let Die," "The Man With the Golden Gun," "For Your Eyes Only," "Moonraker," "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Octopussy," and "A View to a Kill." So, I thought Sean Connery was an old fart, until Roger Moore became one. And that last one with Grace Jones and Tanya Roberts was so bad. Since then, I've had a hard time getting energized for any Bond movie.

Billy said...

Timothy Dalton was fairly doable in "The Lion in Winter".

Anonymous said...

I agree with you re: Pierce Brosnan.

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