Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why You Never Wanna Play Celebrity Taboo With Michael

I haven't watched last night's "Chelsea Lately" yet, during which she debuted her new set on the Universal Studios lot and made Jennifer Aniston  cry. But this is an approximation of the phone call I got last night from Michael, who can spot any celebrity anywhere at anytime, but can never give you their name.
"Hey, are you watching Chelsea?"
"No, I'll watch it later on my DVR."
"She's in her new studio. It looks pretty good."
"Cool. Is Jennifer Aniston the guest?"
"Yeah, but she's also got that other chick. And they're completely naked in the opening skit."
"Really? What other chick?"
"Well, she's in the shower with that girl who got cheated on by that guy with all the tattoos."
"Sandra Bullock?"
"Yeah, her."
"OK, I'll watch it later." 
We make quite a team.

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