Friday, September 21, 2012

Big Mac Attack

 This attack on a cross-dressing young man in the McDonald's in Greenwich Village is horrific. This is the same location where THIS happened and THIS happened. A word of advice to visitors: avoid this place at all costs.


I wont grow up said...

From what I understand, the village has become a dangerous place recently. The city is slowly turning back into the cesspit it was before Guliani.
If this particular Mickydees is becoming dangerous, close it down as a public nuisance.
It used to be safe to walk all over the village at all hours day & night. Now its like taking your life in your hands.
Be safe people walk in groups. I guess we should start carrying tazers.

Christopher said...

I knew what the story was before seeing the headline. Really? You think a 'funny' take is appropriate to this story???? You think the victim is laughing?

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