Tuesday, August 28, 2012

RIP, Redwood Diner

What the hell? Just saw the Redwood Diner in Chelsea has already gone out of business, a business it's only been in since March. At the time, Urban Daddy declared it "the next great Chelsea diner." While I'll admit that I hadn't even gotten around to trying it out, it sure seems like that real estate is doomed. Despite being located on 8th Avenue and 15th Street -- where the Village and Chelsea almost meet -- the attempt by Midtown fave Vynl to do business there failed (where I did eat quite a bit), as had the previous greasy spoon back in the day. Things must have been awfully bad for the Redwood, though, to go out of business after less than five months. It joins the Chelsea Gallery Diner, which just folded after 30 years one block away on Seventh Avenue.


Leo said...

Went there once, never went back. There were 6 of us so between us we tried a range of dishes and drinks. It became obvious all the attention went into the kitchy airstream trailer decor and not what went on the plates or into the glasses.

Dull food at more than diner prices. Obviously watered down drinks at premium prices.

DrGaellon said...

And don't forget the Viceroy, another diner in the neighborhood which closed recently. It will be interesting to see if Pounds and Ounces does well in the same space.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

I never really thought of Viceroy as being a "diner," although it might have been better if it had been one. Pounds & Ounces is definitely more of a scene, which may or may not work in the long run. Seems to be off to a strong start, though.

Brent said...

Vynl closed because of a dispute between the owners. When they couldn't resolve it, one of them opened "Redwood" in its place, and I agree with Leo; my experience there was identical. Too bad they can't bring Vynl back!

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