Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mother Fokkens

  Caught a recent screening at Film Forum of "Meet the Fokkens," Rob Schroder and Gabrielle Provaas' documentary about Louise and Martine Fokken, elderly identical-twin prostitutes who have worked for decades in Amsterdam's Red Light district. Putting the horror of listening to people speak Dutch for two hours aside, it's a surprisingly upbeat film given the subject matter, kind of  like an episode of "Intervention" -- complete with an obvious where-things-went-wrong moment (molestation, rape, mental abuse, etc.) -- only substitute the subsequent drug and alcohol addiction with a loving between twin sisters, who clearly would do anything for one another. I suppose we should feel sorry for them -- watching Martine "service" old men is hardly pleasant although she barely uses anything more than a sturdy grip these days -- but their close relationships with their children and friends as well as their outside interests (both are artists) paint a reasonably happy existence. If nothing else, "Meet the Fokkens" is like sitting next to someone on a plane who likes to chat a lot -- only you'll actually be fascinated by what you're hearing. Learn more HERE.

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