Thursday, July 12, 2012

For Evans' Sake

I know I'm a big fag and everything, so my ability to judge the fairer sex is a bit skewed. And I don't know who either of these people is. But I was heartened to see that it wasn't just me who thought this chick was batting entirely out of her league, as demonstrated in the bitchy comments on the Daily Mail. Not that you care, but apparently she is Kelly Brook, 32, a TV "presenter" (isn't everyone in Britain?) and he's Thom Evans, 27, a Zimbabwe-born former rugby player, a sport that apparently doubles as a modeling agency. In the words of my mother, "I don't get it." 

See Thom on the cover of Attitude HERE.


Anonymous said...

His body has gotten even more insane than before, when he appeared nude in the Dieux de Stade 2010 calendar. See here:

I just think he's wasted on her, or any woman. Only a gay guy could love him the way he deserves =)

Unknown said...

So nice! Just wish he didn't shave every hair off his body.

howie said...

Not really sure why anyone is commenting about her body, but she was in the 2010 version of Piranha, and I thought she was an absolutely stunning woman. That is, until she was torn apart by those pesky fish.

mike/ said...

you have to see him in a kilt! he played for Glasgow. i remember him from the Johnny Walker Black Kilt fashion show for charity. hot!

on a sad note, i think i read somewhere that she just lost their baby.

Ruddigore said...

His butt in a speedo:

Sam said...

If she can land that slab of beef, then I bow to the master.

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