Monday, July 02, 2012

Cher Angers LGBT Fans With Praise for Anti-Gay Preacher Joel Osteen

Anyone know if Cher's Twitter account was hacked on Monday afternoon? My friend Christopher and others took the gay icon to task for a couple of tweets in which she claims to "love Joel Osteen," the snake-oil salesman who preaches that being gay is a sin and seems to stand for everything she does not, yet it didn't seem to phase her much. Cher did retweet @CallMeNitz's reply that said "Umm... not everyone. He's pretty uncool about gays," but she then rambled on a bit about all the pro-LGBT progress she has seen in her lifetime, only addressing Osteen's homophobic views by saying she's not like that. (She then acted surprised and hurt that anyone would be offended by her pro-Osteen stance.) Cher has always gone against the grain -- however unpopular -- but something doesn't smell right HERE.

'I love Joel Osteen, he's example of Christian! He makes everyone feel welcome to his church no matter who they are! First book like this I ever bought. I know this sounds CRAZY Coming From ME, but he's cool, upbeat, wants you to have fun, he's funny and not preachy! Don't care if people think I'm uncool!'

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Anonymous said...

Whether Cher posted this or not, it must be noted that Osteen refused to hold services for a man that died from complications due to AIDS. Just sayin.