Friday, June 08, 2012

RIP, Nolan Miller: The Gay Divorcee

Holy Susan Sontag, Batman, has Abe Rosenthal risen from the dead? Legendary fashion designer Nolan Miller's New York Times obituary mentions his marriage that ended in divorce 20 years ago, but not a word about his being gay.

Of course, with barn burners like these, perhaps it didn't need to be mentioned:

"His death was confirmed in a statement by the actress Joan Collins ..."

"When Tina Louise’s Ginger was shipwrecked on 'Gilligan’s Island,' she wore a beige Nolan Miller dress sprinkled with silver bugle beads." 

 "For many years he lived with Aaron and Candy Spelling in their faux French chateau. But he moved out in 2000 after a disagreement with Ms. Spelling, reportedly over a dress."


Michael Luongo said...

I always loved that dress Ginger was shipwrecked in................Mike Luongo, NYC

Anonymous said...

He actually lived in the Manor? That is bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Stream and Nolan Miller had an arranged marriage as both were gay. Beverly Hills would not acknowledge a gay designer (?) thus closeted for all these years, too sad.
He was not mentioned in her obit last November, and he obviously had no real home despite that the Streams are zillionaires. >where were all the philanthropists???
Someone ought to write a book ...