Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having It Both Ways?

The New York Times reports that Keelin Godsey, a 28-year-old from Massachusetts who was seeking to become the first openly transgender athlete to represent the United States at the Olympics, failed to qualify for the London Games in the women’s hammer throw competition last Thursday.


Now can someone enlighten me here? I find it wrong -- or the very least hypocritical -- for a female-to-male transathlete to want to compete as a female, but be recognized as a man. (This happened in college basketball, too.) I understand Keelin Godsey hasn't undergone any official transformation (hormones, surgery, etc.) so is legally "good" to compete as a female. But isn't the whole point that you DON'T have to have done any of these things to be the other gender -- "it's what's between your ears, not your legs" -- so aren't you going against everything you believe in by wanting to compete against the wrong sex?


Anonymous said...

If he hasn't had any treatments or surgery and wants to compete as a female, can he be called a transgender athlete?

J said...

I agree Kenneth. I also have a proplem with transgender people being grouped under the gay and lesbian "umbrella." If you have changed genders and are in a heterosexual relationship then you are no longerr gay. Am I wrong to feel this way?