Friday, June 29, 2012

Bullies Go Down

Wow, maybe the anti-bullying message is finally getting through to people. Gawker writes that the four Athena Middle School students who verbally abused an elderly bus monitor in Rochester, N.Y., have been suspended from school and its bus transportation system for one full year. (Because they're legally entitled to an education, they will be schooled at the off-campus Reengagement Center.) The boys are also "required to perform 50 hours of community service involving senior citizens, and complete a bullying prevention, respect and responsibility program."

A vacation fund for Karen Klein has already raised $667,000 in donations -- don't be spending it all on dollar slots, Grandma! -- but it's the fact that people are taking what happened seriously that really warms my heart. If you saw the film "Bully," then you know that school authorities normally blame the victim or at the very least try to minimize their attackers' offenses. Now let's just hope the next time an LGBT youth/minority/nerd/etc. -- rather than a cute old lady -- gets treated this way, a similar punishment is handed down.

Full story HERE.

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mike said...

Apparently, not to be outdone by the teen bullies, World Net Daily, the ultra-wingnut anti-gay, anti-Obama, anti-brain matter lunatic website has posted its own "Commentary" agreeing with the teen bullies!

Not back to the WND news -- Kenyan Obama upholds Constitution while Chief Traitor Justice Roberts Shreds It to Pieces!