Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Auto-Plagiaristic Stimulation

Wow, here's a new one. Writer Jonah Lehrer recently landed himself a plum position at The New Yorker, and he's already been busted for plagiarizing ... himself! Romenesko has the scoop HERE -- what a freak! -- but I suggest we cast the movie here. Jesse Eisenberg obviously has the right of first refusal. Any other ideas?

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Mike in Asheville said...

Of course I am not mortified -- he is so adorably cute. Okay, not fair or relevant to the story.


"Auto-Plagiarism" is oxymoronic. Composers reuse melodies all the time, making all sorts of variations, to expand and develop new senses out of their music. Painters too -- Van Gogh titles several pieces "Haystacks" and Monet many "Water Lilies".

I hit the link and read the two posts. Doesn't bug me in the least. While making the same general point, the variations offer different insights and different information. Neither article diminishes the other.

Most important though, is that his message is poignant, and he is able to reach a broader audience -- really, outside of NYC, just how many people read both The New Yorker and WSJ, a year apart?

Unlike you, Kenneth, who offers an amazing breadth of subjects, many ogle-worthy pictures and features tennis, Lehrer's commentaries are quite focused and limited to an almost academic view of thought and thinking. And so, he keeps that focus, while limiting in subject, it also takes us deeper into the subject.