Friday, May 11, 2012

Mitt Gets Worse

Mitt Romney sure has come a long way since vowing to be better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy, back when he wanted to be a Massachusetts senator. ("Say anything" doesn't even begin to describe this one.)

But as Rachel Maddow asked on last night's show, what is so funny to Mitt Romney about recounting his vicious attacks on gay classmates? And how is it that he doesn't remember the incidents at all -- yet he is 100 percent certain that he didn't think the guys he bullied were gay? The world will be a much better place once this generation of people who think vile stuff like this is just "boys being boys" is dead -- and it is run by people who have a little more compassion for their fellow man.


Craig said...

That Bay Window article needs to go viral (without explanation) in the red states come September/October.

Late said...

I think "say anything" perfectly describes Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

He can't even remember bullying someone in high school/college!!!! He'd probably be happy with 'gay bashing'if he thought it would get him a few extra votes!!!
Polygraph this one before he goes any further.