Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I Might Like You Better if We Slept Together ...

Romeo Void singer/lyricist Debora Iyall has this to say about "Never Say Never," arguably the quintessential song of the '80s New Wave:

I was solicited on Facebook to tell the backstory to Nvr say Nvr and this is what I wrote: "The back story is a crush, bad band behavior in a Burger King, wanting to chronicle my time and experience in SF (slumped by the corner with wind-burnt skin...), feeling like an afterthought rather than a sought-after and the rest is poetic license."

So there it is. Btw- I am sorta "over" it but you can't take it away from me either.

(The song is available on CD HERE, and on iTunes HERE.)


chuck said...

Hadn't though of this in years. My day is better for it!!

Peter Maria said...

Have you heard the Razormaid! version of New Order's "Subculture" with Deb on the final chorus? It even has Razormaid!'s own Joseph Watt singing a transitional chorus.

As much as I love Never, I think my fave is A Girl in Trouble.

Gordon said...

There was an Australian club/techno cover in 2006.