Monday, April 16, 2012

'Laverne & Shirley,' 'One Day at a Time' Casts Reunite for TV Land Awards

Excited to see two of my favorite shows from my childhood -- "Laverne & Shirley" and "One Day at a Time" -- are reuniting at this year's TV Land awards. Rumors has it that Penny Marshall is racing to get her memoir done because her liver cancer has spread to her lungs (I would be thrilled if this were not true, but the National Enquirer is rarely wrong about these types of things), but it's her brother Garry's new memoir that is already spilling the beans on the drug, alcohol and ego-fueled nightmare on the set of the estrogen-driven 1970s sitcom smash. Garry writes: Penny and Cindy Williams believed “they knew more than anyone else and that the writing staff was without talent." Likewise, the writers thought that the stars were “mean, too young to be bossy, and narcissistic.” The two headliners would “chew through writers.” (I knew there were problems between the leads, but had no idea it was this bad with everyone!)

Meanwhile, it's fun to see that Glenn Scarpelli is on stage with his "One Day at a Time" costars. You may recall the openly gay actor -- whose single "Get a Love On" was perhaps the most embarrassing song of the '80s!!! -- joined the show toward the end to fill the void after Mackenzie Phillips was fired for being a drug addict, and then later starred on "Jennifer Slept Here" with Ann Jillian. I can't wait to see if the reunion was awkward, especially now that Ms. Romano knows Julie was sleeping with her ex-husband, Mr. Cooper. (Via Entertainment Weekly)


Sean said...

I had crushes on Barbara's "friend" Bob - , her husband Mark and Julie's husband Max.

Bob is John Putch and the son of Jean Stapleton and was Sean in Jaws 3D. He is a successful director but the only personal info I could find was his mom and age (50). He always pinged my gaydar and the lack of personal info kinda confirms it for me.

Michael said...

Barbara's husband Mark was played by Boyd Gaines, a 4-time Tony Award winning actor who's back on Broadway in a play called "The Columnist" with John Lithgow!

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