Thursday, April 05, 2012

'Baby' Love

Writer Robert Rodi -- of "Fag Hag," "Closet Case" and, most recently, "The Sugarman Bootlegs" fame -- is trying to raise $2,000 to help finish his latest novel, "Baby." Two-thousand bucks sounds like a pretty reasonable amount to me -- I'd have just given it to him if he'd let me go for a ride on that mustache, but perhaps he has some issues with prostitution -- so how about checking out his pitch so I don't embarrass myself further? "Baby" sounds intriguing and more than a tad bit creepy -- about a gay man who moves in with his slovenly sister after his business fails, then begins to realize the true horror of his life after she gives birth to Baby, "a screaming lump of raw greed." But if this KickStarter thing doesn't work, might I suggest a kissing booth?
More details HERE.

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