Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Carnie Wilson Hits an All-Time Low

I know some people think I "hate fatties," but it's really not true. My sense of humor can be cruel at times, but deep down I know that weight issues are no laughing matter. This is why I'm so shocked to read that Carnie Wilson -- aka two-thirds of Wilson Phillips -- has been allowed by the medical community to have weight-loss surgery again, despite already having undergone gastric bypass at 300 pounds, losing 150, and then gaining most of it back. If she isn't living proof that weight issues are completely between your ears -- not between two pieces of fried bread -- then I don't know who is. Whoever her doctor is should be investigated for malpractice because this is insane.


Anonymous said...

good lord, maybe she should just sew her mouth shut



martymartymarty said...

Alas, I'm big enough that I considered such surgery but it really *is* what's going on with your mind [emotions] that causes the overeating and lack of control. Like a self-help book is titled, "It's Not What You're Eating - It's What's Eating You".

I feel bad for her, though - she's really deep in it if she's having this surgery *twice*. And, like you, I can't believe it's medically ethical.