Monday, February 27, 2012

Lip Service for Bradley Cooper

I didn't bother to watch the Oscars last night -- I was in bed with Haven Kimmel and she's far more entertaining -- but after seeing Bradley Cooper's mustache, I'm really glad I didn't. I mean, really: How much more can I take?


Anonymous said...

Only good news I see is that he finally hired a stylist and looks decent for runway. Not sure why he went to Oscars, somethng he will never receive...

Anonymous said...

Love Haven "...when it became evident that I absolutely had to have a chicken..." Kimmel. The summer I read "Zippy" and "She Got Up Off the Couch" I basically read each book twice, first a couple of pages to myself until I was laughing so much I had to stop and then read the same pages aloud to everyone else hanging out by the pool.

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