Saturday, February 04, 2012

Belinda Carlisle Debuts 'Sun' at UK Concert

Belinda Carlisle recently revealed that she was recording new music again -- she believed her pop days were behind her when she did her French LP, "Voila," a few years ago -- and fans at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham last night got their first taste of the fruits of her labor. "Sun" sounds like a potential single -- a hint of "Real," but more accessible -- and a cover of "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by the Monkees couldn't suit her any more perfectly. Listen to both here. Babe says her new album will come out in May.

The Monkees' "Pleasant Valley Sunday" (which the uploader believes is a "new" track):


Matthew Rettenmund said...

Meh. But the song has a vague echo of "When Love Takes Over," something about how she sings "su-uh-uh-un."

Anonymous said...

So happy to be getting at least a new song, but sad to report the rest of the album is another repackaged greatest hits :-(