Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here's a look at Madonna's new LP, "MDNA," and single, "Give Me All Your Luvin'." Pre-order begins on iTunes this Friday, Feb. 3. Album out March 26. I see "Vogue" in the album cover photo and didn't even know they made singles anymore. The artwork's a big improvement over "Hard Candy" -- here's hoping the music is, too!

*Stole the headline from my pal Robbie!


Anonymous said...

Meh. She should have faded away with grace instead of humiliating herself like this.

Anonymous said...

The cover is amazing! Both covers, in fact. They're not like anything currently out there. That's what we expect from M and she has delivered once again.

@Anonymous 8:51 PM - humiliating herself? How? By being one of the most photogenic woman in history?

ML said...

'Hard Candy' is a brilliant dance album, honkey!

If you don't like the song 'Candy Shop,' then get off the dance floor and go nurse your little girlie cocktail over in the corner.

Mike said...

I'm one of the biggest M fans out there, but the Hard Candy artwork is the worst ever for a Madonna album. It sucks. The music was...good, not great.

I almost freaked when I saw the GMAYL single cover. AMAZING! One of her very best. I like it better than the CD cover, which apparently is the cover for the limited version. The standard version will be be different.

I think the MDNA era will be a completly different - and better - era.

I think she's in a better place personally, and Interscope seems to be doing promotional things that WB never did.