Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arizona's Split Personality

Fun facts from Wikipedia: Did you know that Arizona's insane governor, Jan Brewer, never earned a college degree? (She did, however, receive a radiological technologist certificate from Glendale Community College.) Also, one of her sons was declared not guilty by reason of insanity for the rape of a Phoenix woman in 1989; he has served 21 years in the Arizona State Mental Hospital.

The Arizona Daily Star reports: The records show Ronald Brewer was indicted on two charges of sexual assault and one count of kidnapping. In July 1989 he forced his way into a woman's apartment, slapped her numerous times and then committed sex acts against her. In February 1990, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Gregory Martin concluded Ronald Brewer was not legally responsible "because at the time of the conduct, the defendant was suffering from such a mental disease or defect as not to know the nature and quality of his acts, or that was he was doing was wrong." Martin committed him to the Arizona State Hospital.

Ronald Brewer's criminal record was a matter of public record until it was mysteriously sealed right before Mom took office, something she says she had nothing to do with. (This wouldn't be the first time she's abused her authority, though. Ask the Arizona Supreme Court.) Read HERE.


Dave In Texas said...

Wow- the stories get better and Jan gets crazier every day!

Anonymous said...

I wonder from which side of his family the mental illnesses come.

How could a majority elect her despite her erratic behavior?

ML said...

I'm starting to rethink my opposition to violence against women.

Someone needs to deal with this psycho. ("Paging Michelle Obama. Paging Michelle Obama.")