Friday, October 28, 2011

Friend of the Court

While I'm the first to acknowledge Capital Hill has some awful lighting, all those post-"Friends" flops and tumbles off the wagon sure seemed on display when Matthew Perry lobbied for drug courts before a congressional committee in the Rayburn House Office Building yesterday in Washington. Or was this one of those (Rush Limbaugh) "Michael J. Fox not taking his meds on purpose" kind of things to make a a point?


Anonymous said...

Heroine and other drugs take a toll. This is a postcard for 'just say no'

realitythink said...

He looks like Andrew Breitbart.

Matthew Rettenmund said...

He actually strongly resembles Andrew Breitbart here.

KevinB said...

Matthew Perry has weathered a lot and he looks real and ruggedly manly. Bless him for his willingness to testify on behalf of something he has experience with and believes in. I honestly am not attracted to the phony Botox look myself.

Anonymous said...

He just needs to diet and work out. He's got the cash. I'm surprised that he just doesn't hire a trainer. A good surgeon could remove the bags from underneath his eyes. Of course, Preparation H could do the same. ;-)

That said, I admire him for fighting for a more just judicial system. Locking people up and giving them felonies for possession of small amounts of drugs destroys lives and burdens the system.

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