Monday, September 26, 2011


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Came home from work on Friday to find that someone in our building had gone to town on this (not-really-that-badly-written) sign from our (former) super. I think I'm in love. Who is this mystery editor? How long have I have been living under the same roof as my editorial soul mate without knowing it? (You had me at its.) This has romantic comedy written all over it -- I just hope Katherine Heigl is up to playing me!


SSSDC1 said...

Like many other folks who learned to type on an IBM Selectric in journalism school, I still strongly support double spaces between sentences. But that does not mean I can tolerate its/it's or there/their/they're errors.

James Greenlee said...

Yeah. I try, but putting two spaces after a period was drilled into me in typing class (where every mistake was one letter grade down). For me it's as automatic as turning off a light switch, or flushing the toilet. It's a hard habit to break.

Apostrophe abuse is my pet peeve.

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