Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, Henry!

I'm not a fan of this type of movie -- you know, 'cause they suck -- but Henry Cavill as Superman is awfully nice to look at. Couple more HERE.


Tommy C said...

goDamn he is exceptional! Henry Cavill's face alone is worth the price of admission. The body is enough to make you sit through the whole movie. Because if you stand everyone will see your raging hardon!

Anonymous said...

Nice bod wonder how much is his after seenig Capt. America. Henry is one of those guys that can look really good all 'done up' but otherwise average. Glad they straightened his hair for role.

Anonymous said...

Have adored Henry Cavill for years - the quintessential handsome man!
I also agree with Tommy C's comments...........LOL

Rock in Sunny Florida said...

He certainly looks great, but does that look like an 'enhanced' costume to anyone else? The musculature just seems to be a little bit off.

Not that he isn't smokin' hot.

Anonymous said...

John J said:

I've seen better pics on web, its kind of laughable it's so padded.

Anonymous said...

He is a terribly good-looking man. While I'm sure he's gotten fit for the role, this new costume is clearly padded in all the right spots. Still, not bad on the eyes.

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