Monday, August 29, 2011

Gay Social-Networking Site Connexion to Close

Just read that Connexion -- aka the "gay Frienster" -- is shutting down after eight years of operation. The owners say that despite 2011 being their best year to date, it still was not enough to make the site profitable, leading them to decide to put those funds toward other philanthropic efforts. While this is no real surprise -- Facebook's domination is well-documented, so at this point it would take a Goliath like Google to even try to compete -- it does signal the close of yet another chapter in the world of gay niche offerings.

I remember hearing that someone at another floundering gay-social-networking site, (nee, said the problem with their site was that there already was a gay social-networking site, "It's called Facebook."

While mainstream acceptance for LGBT citizens is surely a good thing, it's hard not to mourn the death of the gay ghetto, whether it bookstores, Web sites or actual neighborhoods. Makes me wonder what the next "gay" thing to fade into oblivion will be ...


Anonymous said...

It's really sad. I've met some of my best friends and my partner on connexion. It was like the PG version of manhunt wher you could actually get to know things about someone other than penis size or list of fetishes. You can't search facebook for people in your zipcode that are gay and do specific sports or have interests like yourself. I'll miss it.

Anonymous said...

Think Fire Island Pines will be the next to go. It's too beautiful and too upscale at this point not to be taken over by wealthy "gay-friendly" straight people who want in on the open secret.

Anonymous said...

Gay (in and of itself will go). This way there will be no more DL, Closeted Men, Coming Out, Download, "straight acting". Just you and another person doing what you want to do.

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