Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Netflix Ad Fail

Well it's no wonder Netflix stock took a nose dive this week. First their library got raided when licensing deals expire with numerous movie studios (if you can't get "Reckless" from Netflix, where CAN you get it?), then they jack up the price 60 percent for their "new and unimproved" service. If being able to stream a Jennifer Aniston flick(!) -- that no one wanted to see in 1997 -- is the best they can do in their ad campaign, I'm afraid to see what's next.

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Danny in WeHo said...

I killed my Netflix membership this past weekend. Now I'm with HuluPlus- great selection of old T.V. series, but movies aren't thgat great... until I discovered they carry over 500 Critereon Collection movies- these classics will keep me busy for a few months.