Monday, July 25, 2011

Maid to Order

I can't say I was thinking DSK's accuser coming forward to give an interview with Newsweek and ABC News was a good move. (Commenters in the blogosphere are already likening her to Arnold's baby mama in the looks department.) But when you're being called a prostitute by the tabloid press in New York, she probably figured she had nothing (more) to lose. (Tina Brown's mag reports that the woman, Nafissatou Diallo, is illiterate, which goes a long way to explain why she thought Newsweek was the place to tell her story!) Haven't seen her talk yet (I don't think it's aired yet, right?), but from what I've read -- about DSK's past as much as her description of what happened -- it certainly sounds plausible. Sadly, this rich vs. poor sentencing inequality thing (below) that's gone viral popped up on my Facebook news feed right after I finished reading about Diallo's account and it left me with the sinking feeling she will come out on the losing end of this situation even if she's being 100 percent truthful about what happened.


Anonymous said...

That second item showing the disparity of sentencing is a total disgrace. I feel sick.

Matthew Rettenmund said...

Funny, I just blogged the opposite, sorta. The sentencing chasm is a crime, and I tend to believe people who say they've been sexually assaulted. Unfortunately, some of them do lie, though, or embellish aspects of their story. After hearing her story, I don't believe that what happened happened in the way she tells it. I suspect it might have been something she was going along with, but that went sour. Either that or it happened sort of how she said it happened, but then she embellished to bolster her case and that embellishment is going to cost her. I do think DSK is a sex addict and wouldn't be surprised that he had forced himself on women many times. But I think there is plenty of reasonable doubt in her case that it will not go anywhere, deservedly considering her extremely shady friend and that apparent audio of her sounding like she was scamming this whole thing. But despite all that, I'm truly sad for this woman, whose existence is so, so meager and whose life has been harder than anything I can imagine—genital mutilation, a dead husband, traveling to a foreign country to braid hair and winding up thrilled to be a maid. And now this, which was either an assault or something of her own doing.