Thursday, June 30, 2011

What Becomes an Icon Most?

OK, so this is one story that you really can't blame the media for going gaga over -- who doesn't like to think of Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf fucking on the set of those god-awful movies they made together? -- but I do take exception with The New York Post's characterization of Fox's cheated-on partner, Brian Austin Green.

Brandon is a "Beverly Hills, 90210" icon. Dylan is a "Beverly Hills, 90210" icon. (Well, their sideburns are, anyway.) But David Silver -- who was damn lucky his estranged best friend Scott didn't pull a MURDER-suicide at his birthday party in season 2 -- is NOT a "Beverly Hills, 90210" icon! (This is more upsetting than the time Donna Martin wasn't allowed to graduate.) I'd have thought better of a newspaper that has an editor on staff named Brenda Walsh.

Sex tape, please.


AJ in Vegas said...


Years later David Silver would meet a similar fate as his friend Scott on the short lived Fox series Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. (He played Derek Reese)

Guns are bad.

Anonymous said...

I found this excerpt from the Details interview interesting: [When his father] attacked a high-level Disney executive, who was gay, after the man gave Shia a congratulatory hug. Jeffrey, who has always been homophobic, Shia says, grabbed the man by the lapels and practically put him through a wall. "He goes, 'Are you trying to talk to my boy, you chicken hawk?'" recalls LaBeouf, who makes it clear he doesn't share his father's prejudice. "You can't do that to the executives."

Anonymous said...

Meh. Replace Megan Fox with Josh Duhamel (or even Patrick Dempsey) and then we'll have something to go gaga over...

Anonymous said...

He is disgusting. I don't even understand why he is famous. What a douchebag. Who cares what he sticks his dick in.

Topaz said...

I don't understand WHO would want to imagine that unsexy mole rat (and I don't mean Fox) having sex.

Anonymous said...

How this vile cracker is famous beats the crap out of me. If this was Hollywood soda fountain folklore, they would have found that garbage pile flunking shop class.
He's just damn lucky.
Compared to him, he makes Megan Fox look like Judi Dench.

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