Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Retail Therapy

Best. Text. Message. Ever.

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From: Marc
Received: Jun 1, 2011 9:14 AM

Just got home from walking the dog. Can't wait to log on and see the new rants on KIT212's OMG post! It's like the Jerry Springer of gay retail!

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Brian said...

Nah...more like Fox News. Jerry Springer might apply if the comments weren't moderated.

Probably not worth rushing home from walking Hondo for...

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Brian: Wrong -- AGAIN-AGAIN-AGAIN?!! Silly man.

Brian said...

Don't mind me...I'm just a silly little occasional reader of your big fabulous blog. I comment once in a great while, which seems about par for the course for most of your readers. 1, 2 or no comments is about average, right? Or at least average when you aren't defending yourself from differences of opinion.

Re: moderation. Forgive me. I was operating on empirical evidence. The only other time my comment on this here blog-thingy didn't show up, I was critical of the wording of a joke you made about Gabrielle Giffords lip-synching... I believe it was something like "Getting shot in the head turns you into Madonna?" The comment never saw the light of day, but the post was re-worded after the fact. So there's that.

Keep on keepin' on...more pictures of hot boys, please.

swine said...

Maybe being Larry David works for ya, Kenny. Who ya gonna fight with next? Or can we blame it on the stache? Anyhoo, Gay Pride is comin' up soon . . . NY'ers & tourists beware!