Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun Couple: Neil Patrick Harris and Hugh Jackman

Didn't catch the Tony Awards last night -- was on a plane coming back from Tulsa -- but I hear Neil Patrick Harris did a great job hosting. Not sure where former host Hugh Jackman fits into the program, but this is a potential celebrity sex tape line-up I could get behind.


Damien said...

That is two men I would LERV to see get it on.

Shane said...

They actually did a "duelling hosts" segment as part of the awards ceremony.

irisgirl said...

The show was great, NPH was awesome, and I loved the bit he did with Hugh!

New Rule: The 2 of them must host all future award shows.

And Ditto what Damien Oz said!

thegaycurmudgeon said...

They actually sang a duet that included "You're the Top": awkward!

501bob said...

It was the best award show yet, could not get any Gayer, except if Neil and Hugh made out on camera. The opening number was priceless.
FYI the entire show was on YouTube in HD, don't know if it's been pulled.

Tony Tony Tony said...

Agree with irisgirl.....they should host ALL award shows in future!!

I think NPH is adorable and Hugh Jackman is just HOT in every conceivable category!!!