Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anatomically Incorrect

If, as many contend, the show "All in the Family" could never get on network television today, can you imagine what would happen if IDEAL tried to market a doll of the grandson of a bigot TV character?!!!! (The fact that the baby had a wiener would be the least of its problems.) The year was 1976 when the "Archie Bunker's Grandson, Joey Stivic" doll hit the shelves. (I remember checking it out at Korvettes in Madison Heights.) File this under "can't believe this happened in my lifetime."


Anonymous said...

In a perfect world they'd sell the scary Joey Stivic doll right next to a doll of the baby Maude aborted. All in the family, indeed.

overseer01 said...

What about Stephanies doll Wanda Wee Wee? ( Or as Archie called her, Peggy Poo Poo.)