Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fun Couple: Bradley Cooper and Roger Federer

Week 1 of the French Open has been eventful: hacks Caroline Wozniacki and Kim Clijsters are both out -- Caroline being the non-thinking-man's Hingis, Clijsters showing off her degree from the Hana Mandlikova School of Concentration -- while Novak Djokovic surprised me with his continued (seemingly effortless) domination. Roger Federer, flying under the radar, reached the quarterfinals today, having still not dropped a set. (It's his 28th straight Grand Slam quarterfinal berth, a record.) Afterward, one Bradley Cooper happened to be in the men's locker room (I'm sure he just needed to pee) and posed for this shot. It's worth noting that as much as Hollywood is obsessed with youth, Cooper -- who is nearly seven years older than Fed -- is very much on the ascent in his career as the not-even-30-year-old Swiss plays out his glory year(s) as the tour's elder statesman.


Brent said...

To be fair, Clijsters had not played a match since losing in the Miami QF (two months ago). This was also her first French Open since 2006, and only her 4th match on clay in the last 5 years...

Too Big a Pussy to Sign My Name said...

Wish I could be a 'hack' like Kim-US and Australian Open winner, hot husband, cute kid, millions of dollars. Life sounds tough.

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