Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Farrah Fawcett: A Wing and a Prayer

Farrah called Craig Nevius "my loyal friend, my protector.”

The New York Times has a fascinating and, at times, disturbing look at the behind-the-scenes machinations of that documentary about Farrah Fawcett's last days, "Farrah's Story." Although her on-again, off-again, (possibly) on-again partner, Ryan O'Neal, eventually claimed control of the project, Farrah's fan-turned-friend Craig Nevius -- who had started a production company with the blond goddess years before and was the one she was collaborating with until right before the end when dubious signatures claimed she'd pushed him out -- says the finished documentary was the antithesis of what Farrah had set out to do, and has spent the last two years suing to prove it. Realizing the battle was uphill -- and was doing nothing to honor his friend's legacy -- Nevius recently abandoned his lawsuit to regain control of the project. (Having Ryan O'Neal threaten to kill him every other day may also have been a factor.) But this well-researched article shows that no matter how rich and famous you may be, your dying wishes will be ignored when they get in the way of other people's interests. Read HERE.

Footnote: Farrah and Ryan's troubled son, Redmond O'Neal, who was the sole heir to his mother's estate, had this to say about his father's re-involvement in his mom's life: "My dad's only goal was to make sure he would be in the will. It was so disgustingly transparent as soon as he found out she was terminal. I consider him a vulture presiding over a carcass."


Bobby Steele said...

Hi Kenneth,
First time posting on your blog. I just wanted to let you know that many many people appreciate your blog today. There is a group on facebook called Farrah Fawcett We Want the Truth. If you get a chance there is alot of other factual information that alot of fans have been trying to get to the larger public to understand. The last 3 months of Farrah's life are still a very big mystery too many. I hope you could help us out if you are interested.
Bobby Steele...

Nikki said...

Hi Kenneth, Yes this story has many more facts and it needs attention. The things done to Farrah Fawcett in the final 3 months of her life are criminal to say the least. Please if you have the time to look at the group on facebook it would be appreciated.

There needs to be justice for Farrah Fawcett facebook group-Farrah fawcett we want the truth.

Cathy Swango said...

Since the story in the NY Times, my group, which is mentioned by MR. Steele has started a emailing campaign to the Attorney General in California. We feel that there is reason to believe, after reading the Times, that Farrah's Living Will, the Trust that runs the Farrah Fawcett Foundation and her entire estate could have been tampered with. Anyone that feels the same way can check out our group page on FB and get the information on how to email Attorney General Harris and ask that her office start an investigation. It seems that Farrah was taken advantage of in a very weakened state!

Thank You,
Cathy Swango

Sandra said...

Please sign the Offical White House Petitionsite Honoring Farrah Fawcett-Battered Mothers Receive Battered Jutice for Burning Bed and Alternative Cancer Treatments.