Monday, May 23, 2011

Debt to Society

A little brawl conversation starter for your next tea party, courtesy of Nancy Pelsoi.


Middle of Nowhere said...

the republicans increase the debt and the democrats pay it down on the backs of the middle class and poor. how is that a win?

ML said...

When America finally pulls its head out of its ass, then we'll all realize that Reagan and his entire GOP party of Greedy Old People were, and are, an utter disaster for our country.

And where's the evidence that "Democrats pay it down on the backs of the middle class and poor"? That's not merely wrong - it's utterly insane. It's the GOP that has a generations-old policy of screwing workers to funnel cash to the wealthy, and it's still happening today, e.g., tax cuts for those making over $250,000/yr., corporate welfare for oil barons, ad nauseum.

If you're taking the position that Republicans and big corporations create jobs - well, where are those jobs? The Fortune 500 are sitting on an ocean of cash but they're not hiring, which is why unemployment is still hovering around 9%. Ironically, the federal government is hiring more workers and creating more jobs through government contracts.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Reagan to the U.S. is like the iceberg to the Titanic. But you can't get around the fact the Democrats are the enablers if not accomplices. They do nothing to stop it or even slow it down.
We're witnessing the active destruction of everything that made this country the envy of the world and it's being accomplished by the Democratic party.
There is no difference between a fascist Republican and a corporatist Democrat other than how they marketing.